We look forward to your visit to The Schiele Museum! 

Visitors have the option to select what they would like to explore while at the museum:
  • Interior museum exhibits
  • The Farm
  • Seeing a planetarium program
  • Participating in an education program
  • Or any combination of these!

First, please click the date you'd like to visit. 

Then select either
1. Museum Exhibits (to visit the museum's indoor exhibit galleries)
  • Monday - Saturday
    Select General Admission either Morning or Afternoon Admission for your visit.
  • Sunday
    Select Afternoon Admission
2. Planetarium (to see a program within the planetarium)

3. Farm (to visit the farm)

4. Education Program (programs vary by day).

**If your desired time does not show, the program is sold out or not available. Please note that our system will not sell tickets after the "official start" of the program (General Admission tickets are not visible after 10 AM or 12:30 PM). To purchase tickets in advance, you can call the front desk at 704-866-6900.

Members, if you have difficulty logging in, please contact SchieleMuseum@gmail.com for help.

1. Choose the date of your visit:
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2. Select from the following admission packages:
Ticket Package Description:
Planetarium Planetarium Program